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    This delicate variety of basil is well-liked for its spicy, cinnamon-like aroma and taste with hints of liquorice. It’s a narrow-leafed micro-green with tiny green leaves that are crisp and tender. Cinnamon basil puts a delicious twist on sweet and savoury dishes, whether as a garnish on raw dishes, soups and hot drinks or added to a pumpkin pie filling and flavoured whipped creams.

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    This crisp, tender, and aromatic basil has a subtle flavour of cloves that’s followed by a sweet finish with notes of citrus, pepper and mild anise. It’s a dainty micro-green with bright green leaves attached to a slender stem, and is refreshingly crisp and tender.

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    With its fragrance of sweet lemons, citrus flavour and classic herbaceous tones of basil mixed with sweet anise, there’s plenty to like about lemon basil. This crisp and tender micro-green has light green serrated leaves attached to a slender stem. It’s best consumed raw or added as the perfect finishing touch to soups, stews, curries, steamed vegetables, grilled meat dishes or stir-fries.

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    A stronger substitute for Italian green basil, this micro-green adds flavour and colour to a variety of dishes. Its aubergine-coloured, serrated leaves create a crisp and tender ingredient. It has a sweet and aromatic flavour bursting with anise and undertones of ginger. Garnish desserts, salads, pasta dishes and pizzas, infuse vinegars and oils, or create a delicious purple pesto.

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